Warranty & Returns Policy



Warranty Policy 

What is the Tru Outdoor Luxury warranty ?

The Tru Outdoor Luxury warranty is considered to be one of the best warranties within the outdoor furniture industry.
Enjoy complete peace of mind on every item purchased from Tru Outdoor luxury, with our transparent and comprehensive warranty policy. 

Aluminium & Synthetic Rattan Furniture:

Description Warranty Term
Frame 3 Years
Weave 3 Years
Fabric No Warranty
Glass No Warranty
Foam No Warranty
Zipper 1 Year

Rattan, Water Hyacinth & Wooden Furniture:

Frame 1 Year
Weave 1 Year
Fabric No Warranty
Glass No Warranty
Foam No Warranty
Zipper 1 Year

Shade Solutions:

Frame 3 Years
Fabric 1 Year
Zipper No Warranty

Outdoor Decor, Outdoor Stools, Scatters & Throws, Accessories:

 No Warranty

Rugs & Protective Covers: 

1 Year Warranty


What is not covered by the warranty ?

Manufacturing defects are covered by the warranty. The warranty will not apply in the event of:

  1. Accidental or intentional damage 
  2. Damage caused by negligence, abuse or misuse of the products
  3. Goods used for a purpose other than the purpose of which they were manufactured
  4. Failure to comply with the Tru Outdoor Luxury instructions in respect of cleaning, maintenance and care (please read the care & maintenance manual of each product carefully, which is available on this website)
  5. Damage caused by acts of God such as hail stone damage, natural disasters, etc

Repairs resulting from damages not covered by the warranty (not limited to the above), will attract a repair charge, which will be quoted on a customer by customer basis.


Will there be delivery charges in the event of a warranty claim ?

In the unlikely event of a claim within the warranty period, Tru Outdoor Luxury will arrange to have the defective item collected from the customer, repaired or replaced, and thereafter returned to the customer all at no charge to the customer.

The defective item will be collected from the delivery address at which the goods were originally delivered to.

In the event of the customer having moved to a new address within the warranty period and may require collection from a new address, delivery charges may apply if the delivery tariff from the new collection point differs from the delivery tariff of the original delivery point. 

Delivery charges will be applicable if the goods were originally collected from Tru Outdoor Luxury and the customer now requires the defective item to be uplifted from his/her address.


Will Tru Outdoor Luxury repair my goods out of warranty ? 

We have our in-house manufacturing facility and we are therefore in a position to assist our customer with repairs out of the warranty period. There will be a charge for repairs out of warranty. as well as for repairs not covered by the warranty.


How do I lodge a warranty claim ?

Step 1:  Email us your proof of purchase.

Step 2: Email us your name and surname, mobile number, detailed physical address for collection.

Step 3: Email us images of your defective product clearly showing the problem you are encountering. The more images you send to us, the better we are able to understand the issue you are facing.

Step 4: We will be in contact with you within 7 days of lodging your claim.  



If you are unsure about the warranty on any of our products, please feel free to Contact Us by email or by using the Live Chat option (office hours only) and we will be happy to assist.


Return Policy 

While Tru Outdoor Luxury makes every effort to accommodate our customer, our Return Policy has to be one that is both reasonable and in strict accordance with the relevant aspects of the Consumer Protection Act  of 2008 (CPA) and its regulations as amended.
Request for Returns can only be done within 24 hours of receiving your goods.

Can I return my non-defective goods if I am not satisfied after receiving my order ?

The customer is entitled to return the goods for either a full refund, an exchange or a voucher, provided a written request by email accompanied by the proof of purchase, is lodged within 24 hours (twenty four hours) from the date of delivery. Failure to lodge the request and documents within this window period, will result in the refund attracting a 20% handling fee as well as the full cost of the round trip delivery.

The goods must be in its original packaging with all tags still attached to the product and must be unused for a return to be accepted.


How long will it take for my refund ?

Once the stock has been received and inspected by Tru Outdoor Luxury and a refund has been accepted by Tru Outdoor Luxury, payment of the refunded amount shall be made into the consumer’s account within 14 days from the date of receiving the goods at our Durban warehouse should the customer have opted for a refund. 


How will I receive my refund ?

Once we have accepted a return and approved a refund, you will be refunded in the same manner in which you paid Tru Outdoor Luxury.

It will be either by:
– Credit Card (reversal back to your credit card and subject to banking delays)
– EFT (directly into your account – allow at least 48 hours)


Can I still return the goods once the 24 hour window period has passed ? 

After the 24 hour window period has passed, the customer may return the goods for either a refund, an exchange or a voucher, subject to a 20% handling fee and round trip transport costs being applicable, all for the customer's account.


What if I fail to return all the pieces that make up the product ?

If the customer returns a product for a refund, exchange or voucher but fails to return all the pieces or components that make up the product, Tru Outdoor Luxury reserves the right to either refuse the return or to only replace the item that was returned or estimate the value of the missing pieces or components in order to credit or refund the customer in respect of the returned item.


Can i return a custom made product ?

No returns will be offered on all custom made products.


What is the procedure for a refund ?

Step 1: Lodge the refund request by email within 24 hours of receiving delivery of the goods indicating your choice of either a refund or exchange

Step 2: Ensure the goods are in the original packaging and unused

Step 3: Tru Outdoor Luxury will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your request

Step 4: Our nominated transporter will arrange to collect the goods from you or you may deliver the goods to our Durban warehouse if you originally collected from our Durban warehouse

Step 5: Tru Outdoor Luxury will be in contact with you once we have received and inspected the goods at our Durban warehouse, which normally takes 14 days

Step 6: Tru Outdoor Luxury will process the refund within 14 days of inspecting the goods