Care & Maintenance

Tru Outdoor Luxury furniture is created, conceptualized, designed, manufactured, checked and shipped with utmost care and with the finest attention to detail. 
It would therefore be perfectly befitting to encourage our customers to exercise the same element of care when maintaining their purchase.

Synthetic Rattan Woven Furniture with Powder Coated Aluminum Frames:

  • Synthetic Rattan is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene Plastic) which is designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. 

  • There are various quality grades available in the marketplace however we at Tru use only the finest quality available when we consider that the Southern African temperature is extremely abnormally harsh when compared to other parts of the world. 

  • Our HDPE is Hand- Crafted, UV Protected, Fade Resistant, Water-Proof, Environmentally Friendly, 100% Recyclable and Ultra Durable. 

  • We are therefore very much confident in offering our synthetic rattan with aluminium frames with a 3 Year Unconditional Warranty for Domestic Use and a 1 Year Warranty for Commercial Use.

  • Wiping the synthetic rattan with a soft damp cloth or hosing it down with water (no pressure cleaner) will help keep your furniture in showroom condition.

  • Do not use detergents or oils on the HDPE nor on the aluminium. 

  • We also recommend that you invest in custom made Weather-Proof PVC canvas covers (also available from Tru Outdoor Luxury) to help prolong the life of your outdoor furniture by giving you more mileage beyond the warranty period. 

  • The canvas covers are not covered by a warranty. 

Wicker and Water Hyacinth Furniture with Wooden Frames:

  • Our Wicker and Water Hyacinth Furniture is hand crafted with great care by skilful Indonesian craftsman who have earned their skills set from generation to generation.

  • Water Hyacinth and Wicker is a durable organic weave that is meant purely for Undercover Outdoor Use. 

  • It is Environmentally Friendly, 100% Recyclable and Ultra Durable. 

  • Our wicker and water hyacinth furniture carries a 1 Year Warranty for both Domestic and Commercial Use.  

  • Wiping the water hyacinth Furniture with a soft cloth or an unused paint brush will help keep your furniture in tip top condition. 

  • Every day exposure to direct sunlight may result in the weave losing its shine over time. 

  • The wicker or water hyacinth furniture can be easily restored to looking brand new by simply applying a fresh coat of lacquer to the weave. Further details on the procedure thereof are available at our office.


  • Cushions for our synthetic rattan furniture are all water resistant. Our cushions come standard with a sand color fabric however we do have a range of beautiful outdoor fabric available from some of South Africa’s finest fabric houses, which you may choose from. This is just one of our value added services that we offer to our customers.

  • Cushions for our wicker and water hyacinth furniture ranges are offered in a natural color fabric whilst our customers have the option to upgrade to a designer fabric from our latest collection of designer fabric. 

  • To optimize the life of your cushions, we recommend that you do not expose them directly to sunlight for long periods of time as this will surely result in fading irrespective of whether or not they are standard fabric or designer fabric.

  • All fabric covers are removable for dry cleaning or washing purposes. Wash care labels for our fabric covers are also attached to our cushions.

  • We do not offer any warranty on our cushions or fabric covers.


  • Wiping gently with a soft damp cloth will help to remove any dust and sand particles from the surface of the glass.  Thereafter we recommend using newspaper and cold water to polish the glass.

  • Do not place hot items directly on the glass. Do not drag items across the glass as this could result in the glass being permanently scratched.

  • All our tables come standard with tempered / toughened glass for child safety.  However misuse or abuse can result in the glass being chipped, scratched or even broken.

  • We do not offer any warranty on glass.