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We have an extensive area coverage that we deliver to throughout South Africa. 

Tru Outdoor Luxury offers a flat fee of R995 per delivery to all major cities in South Africa, on order values up to R100 000.

Orders between R6 000 and R10 000 will be charged at a flat fee of R750 per delivery to all major cities in South Africa.

Orders between R4 000 and R6 000 will be charged at a flat fee of R550 per delivery to all major cities in South Africa.

Orders between R3 000 and R4 000 will be charged at a flat fee of R450 per delivery to all major cities in South Africa.

Orders between R2 000 and R3 000 will be charged at a flat fee of R350 per delivery to all major cities in South Africa.

Orders between R1 000 and R2 000 will be charged at a flat fee of R250 per delivery to all major cities in South Africa.

Orders below R1 000 will be charged at a flat fee of R125 per delivery to all major cities in South Africa.

Local Full Service Delivery R650 Per Load Within a Radius of 30km from Durban.

Additional charges will apply for deliveries to remote outlying towns and cities in South Africa, which is payable directly to our transporter's within our network.

T's & C's apply. Tru Outdoor Luxury reserves the right to change this offer at any time.

Furniture to a major Metropole 7 - 10 days
Furniture to an outlying Town  14 - 21 days

Homeware to a major Metropole 3 - 5 days
Homeware to an outlying Town    7-10 days

These are our usual delivery times and the times stated may fluctuate according to trading seasons. 

It’s not possible to change your delivery address after confirming your order, so please always double check that your address details are correct at checkout.

To change your delivery address permanently for future orders, you can update your Address Book under your Customer Information in your Account profile here.

Prior to confirming your payment on the checkout page, you may enter the date and time you would like delivery to your door.
Tru Outdoor Luxury will endorse the delivery documents to make our transporters aware of your request.
Our transporters will do their best to adhere to the date and time as stipulated. Failing which they will make contact with you to reschedule.

In the unlikely event of receiving your goods with an item or component missing from the package, please Contact Us  immediately within 24 hours of receiving your delivery. You may reach us by email or live chat on our website.

We certainly can split your delivery and deliver in stock items immediately so you don't have to wait until all your goods are ready for delivery. The back order items will be dispatched as soon as they are ready for delivery.

If your order is below R20,000 we will wait for all items to be ready before we dispatch.
We will notify you in advance of such arrangements and will wait for your guidance before we proceed.

Our delivery crew will attempt to carry your goods through your doorway or use the lift to get to the floor of your apartment. 
Should the doorway be too narrow or the lift too small making it impossible to move the goods using these methods, they will then attempt other means such as removing your door from its hinge, hoisting your goods onto your patio, carrying your goods up the stairway, etc.
These alternate means of getting the goods to you will be at a nominal fee for your account.
If you have notified us of these restrictions prior to delivery, we will quote you accordingly prior to delivery for your approval.
If our delivery crew have arrived on-site and you have not informed us of these potential challenges prior to your delivery arriving, our crew will then quote you accordingly on-site for your approval before they proceed with such means. You will be required to pay our crew for this additional service upon completion of the delivery and prior to their departure, either by cash or eft.

Tru Outdoor Luxury offers you free storage for up to 6 months from date of order confirmation and payment, provided your order has been paid in full.

We have many clients who are in the process of building, renovating, decorating, moving house, etc hence we have decided this as a free service.

Once you are ready to accept delivery, please reach us by email or live chat to give us the go ahead to deliver and we will arrange accordingly.

Tru Outdoor Luxury delivers to select neighbouring countries.
Please contact us with your enquiry and we will quote you accordingly.
Kindly send us your physical address for delivery in your country along with the product name + quantity per product so we can quote you correctly.  

You may elect to collect from South Africa or we can arrange delivery to your door in your country.

This depends entirely on the size and value of your order.

For large orders we can arrange a dedicated vehicle to your door.
For smaller orders, we can arrange delivery to the nearest town which our transporters pass through en route to the main centres. You can then meet our transporters at a safe central point to collect your goods and load onto your vehicle.

Using this method, we regularly service our clients in outlying areas that are not covered by our transport network and we are proud to say we have a system that works perfectly.

We certainly can assist with this delivery. Please provide us with the list of documents necessary for you to export our goods and we will arrange everything for your ease of export.

Please notify us at the time of order confirmation of any vehicle restrictions and requirements for delivery crew to enter your estate. 
We will then inform our transporters accordingly.
Should you fail to notify us of these requirements and our delivery crew attempting delivery, you may be liable for a delivery charge relating to the second delivery attempt.

Please contact us by email or live chat and we will assist you with your enquiry.

Returns and Exchanges

You may Contact Us by email or live chat and we will arrange for our transporters to uplift the goods from the same address as that of the original delivery.
Customers that have collected the goods from Tru Outdoor Luxury, will be required to arrange to have the goods returned to Tru Outdoor Luxury at their own cost of transport.

Click here to read more about our Warranty & Return Policy before you arrange to ship your goods back to Tru Outdoor Luxury.

Please refer to our Return Policy by clicking here.

Do not attempt to open the packaging. Call us on 031 579 1471 immediately and we will guide you. 
Alternately please contact us by email or live chat.

This is generally dependent on the product in question. Usually the product needs to be returned in its entirety with each and every item that belongs to that product. 

This means that if the glass of a coffee table is broken upon delivery, the coffee table frame needs to be returned so we are able to cut a new glass to fit this particular coffee table. However in some cases if a chair that belongs to a dining set is damaged then we can replace just the chair only. This is completely determined on a case by case basis.

If you received your goods example a lounge set and there are cushions missing, contact us immediately within 24 hours of receiving the goods on 031 579 1471 or by email or live chat.  Failure to contact us within this period may render your claim invalid.

Ordering Options

Placing your order is a quick and easy step. Add to cart online, email us or phone in and one of our friendly and efficient sales consultants will help you accordingly

You may not cancel your order if is custom or specifically made for you.  Cancellations fees are applicable if an order is already processed. 

You are more than welcome to place an order via email or telephonically. Our friendly sales team are on standby to help every step of the way.

You may be able to amend or adjust your order after you have placed it provided that your order has not been processed.  Contact the company to verify this first.

Finance and Payments

We will follow up with a courtesy call to confirm payment once funds are cleared in our bank account, at the same time we will do a final check to confirm if your order is correct and if you are entirely satisfied or wish to make any adjustments or changes.

Tru Outdoor Luxury and its staff subscribe to a strict code of confidentiality. We will not share or display personal information or customer details with third party persons or companies. We regulate strict banking and payment procedures in the strictest of confidence. We assure you peace of mind and safety. All personal information is under strict codes and logins available only to those concerned with such priveledged information.

We accept the following means of payment:


-Cash Deposit



When you place your next order, on the payment menu, you may choose to add a new credit card or pay with the one you used before.

No hassle at all. Simple email or call us and we will process your order telephonically, we will in turn provide you with our banking details for an EFT payment or Cash Deposit payment.

Stock Factors and Queries

While we endevour to add a wide spectrum of merchandise on our site, there may be something that you have seen that does not appear on our site. Kindly give us a description or sample and we will be glad to assist you with ease. Contact us via email or telephonically and our friendly consultants will contact you within a few minutes.

We will make every effort to advise you of the date of arrival of the stock you require. We will keep you post dated timeously, so you will be well informed, at the same time we will undertake to get the stock at the earliest convenience for your shopping peace of mind.

We take every care to provide the most accurate product knowledge on an item on our site. However if you are still unclear or need more clarity, we are glad to help you along for peace of mind. Contact us via email or telephone and our friendly consultants will help you along.

Unfortunately DIY furniture is not part of our merchandise. We manufacture custom made and high end quality outdoor furniture. All our merchandise comes fully assembled for your convenience. If there are assembly parts to be fitted, our delivery crew is more than willing to assist you in this regard. They set up and display for your ease.

You can choose a specific dimension for your dining chair, if it custom made for you. Provide us with your dimensions and we will manufacture it according to your specifications, however please be precise when giving us dimensions as we may not be able to change or amend the manufacturing once it is already in process.

If you would like to purchase a sofa from our catalogue but it may not suit your specifications, we will be glad to custom make it as per your specification, however be precise with your dimensions as we may not be able to change or amend once the manufacturing is in process.

While cabinets are not part of our standard range, we will be able to help manufacture or amend a cabinet if it will be part of furniture purchased from us, you have to provide definite and precise specifcations that will match your new purchase, we will be glad to help, however once again you cannot amend or change once manufacturing is in process.

Yes you may. we have variable shades in the color stone, with slightly different designs and textures in our range of stone weave. you may be able to choose a color of your choice.

Our products are made of aluminium with a standard finish, however we can custom make an order to your specification with a choice of your metallic finish. We pride ourselves in dealing with the finest suppliers in the steel and metal trade and able to help you with the best possible care.

Most definitely you may. While we manufacture in our standard sand fabric range, we stock a wide variety of high quality fabric and leather finish range for your option. We custom make as per your choice in a range of quality fabric and color. 

You can change dimensions of our current standard item if you would like it to be made to your specification which would enable it to fit into your home, however your specifications have to be precise when submitting to us, we may be unable to amend or change dimensions once production is in process.

While we use standard range of stains and dyes, we will most gladly do a stain or dye as per your specification. We deal with specialist suppliers in the industry of paints and chemicals and they will be able to mix and match stains and colors and per your specification.

We are an outdoor furniture specialist, so definitely we do. . We stock a wide range of outdoor all weather range of fabrics. It is high quality with a range of colors that may be likened to your taste and style.

Unfortunately not?

We are in the trade of outdoor furniture and our material construction is mainly rattan weave and import water hyacinth products. We do not deal with timber work furniture.

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Our offices and showrooms operate between 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. But we will able to respond your online query via our "chat with us menu" until 8pm.

Yes you may, simply click the unsubscribe link on the bottom of the page and unsubscibe with ease.

If you have a related question not listed on our page.  We are only too happy to assist you further. Kindly contact us via email or telephonically and one of our friendly consultants will be able to help with your query.